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Grand pre-release event for ‘Sharapanjaram’ movie

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Grand pre-release event for ‘Sharapanjaram’ movie

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What happened when clay man and Jogini’s daughter fell in love? Why are village nobles and villagers opposing it.? We can find the answers in this zero- budget film ‘Sarapanjaram’.With the blessings of Mamidi Harikrishna and assistance of Ganapathi Reddy… Naveen Kumar Gattu and Laya produced this film. Naveen Kumar Gattu also played a director job for this love and emotional film. ‘Sarapanjaram’ releasing worldwide on April 19. On this occasion, the trailer and pre-release celebration for this film took place on Friday at Prasad Lab in Hyderabad.



On this occasion, MLC Deshapati Srinivas, who was the chief guest of the ceremony, said…”This is the story of the clay men’s life. Which is connected with Jogini’s system.The most vicious system of our society, and the nomadic hunters who play Gangereddu’s to death. It must reach to more people for bringing change in this society. My heart full wishes to the director Naveen Guttu for taking the lives of soil men and choosing for his first film for a social consciousness. And also my best wishes to Ganapathy Reddy and all cast and crew members of this film.


T. Ganapathi Reddy said that… Music director Mallik has spoken about this film several times.” I was really happy for the cast and crew’s efforts on this film. I’ve witnessed numerous commotions with caravans, etc. However, when I visited the filming location, I felt that when I witnessed people bringing and eating their own tiffins and meals. If we offer rice to a full stomach, he will eat and go asleep. If we offer it to a hungry individual, he will remember us for his entire life. Surely, if more similar films are produced, the world will learn about the true lives of people from other cultures and ethnicities. He stated that he wants everyone to support him.


Hero and director Naveen Gattu said…I worked very hard on this film. I’ve wanted to show this film to people since the beginning. Many friends assisted me with this situation. Thank you, everyone. God appears to have assisted us through Ganapathi Reddy. It appears that we were successful in launching this Yajna, which was launched with no budget and simply with the support of friends. Mallik strolled alongside us, carrying the film on his shoulders. Congratulations to all of the artists and professionals who helped me.


Music director Mallik M.V.K. Speaking…This is, in fact, the tale of the Clay Men. This film, which began with the admirable goal of eradicating some social issues, will be released on the 19th of this month. The team as a whole operated as though it were their own movie. It is not a thing to make a movie on a shoestring. God must assist with it. It appears like Ganapathi Reddy, a manifestation of God, assisted us. The clip now displays Naveen’s directing talent. His efforts are not in vain. He predicted that the film will be a huge hit.


Also, the film unit and other invitees who participated in the ceremony gave a speech wishing the success of the film.


Rajini saichand, bhole shavali(bigg boss), Politician bhavani reddy, Jhansi rajender reddy, mettapalli surendhar, director shiva(thurum khan lu fame), mounasri mallik, jeevan, venky, rajamouli


Cast and Crew Details :


Starring : Naveen kumar gattu, laya, Warangal bhashanna, anand bharathi, jabardasth venky, jabardasth jeevan,jabardasth rajamouli, jabardasth milky, aluvala somayya, mouna sree, mallik, merugu mallesham goud, kalyan magician, manukota prasad , krishna veni, rajiya, usha, saketh, rajesh, sudarshan, narendhar, dhaya, bharath kamaraju, prasad, prasanth, akhil(bunty)


Technical team:


Music :mallik m v k


Cinematography : masthan siripati


editing: yadagiri kanjarla


DI: raju sindam


Lyrics: mouna sree mallik,gidde ram narsayya,kiran raj, dharmarapu, adhvaith raj,ram murthy polapalli, uma maheswari ravula


PRO: RK Chowdary

Presents : T.Ganapathi Reddy

Story- Screen play – Dialogues- direction: naveen kumar gutta

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