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The “Kalavedika NTR Film Awards” ceremony, organized by Kalavedika

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The “Kalavedika NTR Film Awards” ceremony, organized by Kalavedika and Raghavi Media, was held grandly today.


The event took place at the Daspalla Hotel in Hyderabad, honoring distinguished personalities from various sectors of the film industry in the name of the legendary actor Padma Shri Dr. Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao.

The event began with a prayer to Lord Ganesha, followed by the lighting of the ceremonial lamp and NTR’s songs. Notable guests included Nandamuri Mohan Krishna, Nandamuri Mohan Roopa, Murali Mohan, K.L. Damodar Prasad (President of the Telugu Film Producers Council), T. Prasanna Kumar (Secretary), MAA Vice President Madala Ravi, and several other prominent figures.


Murali Mohan, speaking on the occasion : Expressed his joy at the awards being named after NTR. He reminisced about his close relationship with NTR, recalling how NTR gave him the opportunity to play his brother in the film “Annadammula Anubandham,” which led to people recognizing him as NTR’s brother. Murali Mohan praised NTR’s political achievements, including founding a party and achieving great success within nine months, introducing welfare schemes like selling rice at two rupees per kilogram, and providing excellent medical care to the poor. He emphasized NTR’s bravery in standing up to Indira Gandhi and expressed his gratitude for receiving the NTR Lifetime Achievement Award.


Nandamuri Mohan Krishna said : The three letters “NTR” as synonymous with sensational achievements in both cinema and politics. He praised NTR’s versatile roles in films and his swift success in politics, fighting for the rights of the poor and women. Mohan Krishna expressed his pride in being NTR’s son and congratulated Kalavedika for organizing the event.


Arunasree Entertainments head and producer Ganapathi Reddy said: I am very happy and proud to give film awards in the name of NTR and to be a sponsor in this event. In the past, Kalavedika has done many good programs. Now along with Kalavedika Raghave Media Madhu garu is joining. Similarly, it is a good thing that the event is held in such a grand manner. He wish that Kalavedika and Raghavi Media should jointly do many more programs and increase the fame of NTR and he also want to be a part of the programs.


Nandamuri Mohan Roopa said : She highlighted NTR’s legacy as a revered figure who lived for the pride of Telugu people. She acknowledged NTR’s global impact, his roles in iconic films, and his status as a legendary actor. She also praised Nandamuri Balakrishna, NTR’s successor, for his recent successes and congratulated Kalavedika and Raghavi Media for the grand event.

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Heads of Kalavedika and Raghavi Media said: Thanks to Murali Mohan garu, Nandamuri Mohan Krishna garu, Nandamuri Mohan Rupa garu and other dignitaries who attended the event. Similarly, we would like to thank our sponsors Vega Jewelers Naveen Garu, Manideep Garu, Kalyan Garu, Aruna Sri Entertainments Ganapathy Reddy garu, Capital 45 and Golden Crest Shobhan Babu garu, Srini Infra Developers Srinu garu, Pawan Events Pawan garu, Lead Space and D R Net for their support.


– **NTR Film Lifetime Achievement Award:** Murali Mohan, Nandamuri Mohan Krishna

– **Best Actor:** Anand Deverakonda for “Baby”

– **Best Director:** Sai Rajesh for “Baby”

– **Best Producer:** Sahu Garapati for “Bhagavanth Kesari”

– **Best Villain:** Ajay for the web series “Yakshini”

– **Best New Director:** Srikanth Odela for “Dasara”

– **Best New Actor:** Thiruveer

– **Best Lyricist:** Kasarla Shyam

– **Best Writer:** Kalyan Chakravarthy

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– **Best Music Director:** Raghu Kunche

– **Best Supporting Actress:** Sharanya Pradeep

– **Best Supporting Actor:** Harshavardhan

– **Best Male Singer:** Rahul Sipligunj

– **Best Cinematographer:** Dasharathi Sivendra

– **Best Art Director:** Nagendra

– **Best Comedian:** Racha Ravi

– **Best Editor:** Chota K. Prasad

– **Best Female Singer:** Mangli

– **Best Choreographer:** Vijay Polaki

– **Best Debut Music Director:** Dhruvan

– **Best Debut Supporting Actor:** Laxman Meesala

– **Best Negative Supporting Role:** Sahithi Dasari

– **Special Jury Producer:** Gauri Krishna

– **Best Debut Writer:** Ajju Mahakali

– **Best Review Committee:** Laxman Tekumudi

– **Special Jury Director:** Trinath


Each award was presented by Murali Mohan and Nandamuri Mohan Krishna, with congratulations extended to all the organizers for the successful event.

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