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Dr.Gurujee Kumaran Swami Bharat is the torch bearer

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Dr.Gurujee Kumaran Swami

Bharat is the torch bearer of the civilisation from time immemorial.

Be it astronomy, aerospace, mathematics, cloth and material production cultivation, civil engineering and architecture, metrology, mining, metallurgy & metal manufacturing, plastic surgery, science & technology, genetics, games, radio technology , or well-being of the society it is we lead the society.

The Global march of Bharat is not a new concept or new thought. Bharat was not confined to the geographically boundaries as it is now. The term Greater Bharat is most commonly used to encompass the historical and geographic extent of all political entities of present Indian Subcontinent, and the regions which are culturally linked to Bharat or influenced by it. Since around 500 B.C; Asia’s major part was part of Bharat may be due to socio-economic and cultural stimulation and diffusion of Hindu and Buddhist beliefs into region’s cosmology, in particular Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka.


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In Central Asia, transmission of ideas were predominantly of religious nature. The countries of present Indian subcontinent like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal and Bhutan, Southeast Asian countries notably Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Champa, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia, and also China’s Yunnan, Tibet, Philippines, Afghanistan and Iran were either part of Akhand Bharat or influenced by it.

Now the Akhand Bharat is confined to Khandit Bharat. The transformation in the field of trade and commerce is reaching its height under the present leadership and Bharat is all set to be the leader in the globe. No doubt India that is Bharat is marching forward towards the transformation in trade and commerce. But it needs transformation in socio-cultural sphere.

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India may be the solitary nation of having two names i.e. Bharat and India. All most all the countries local name and English names are same but only in our case BHARAT is translated as INDIA. Our learned members of constituent Assembly also overlooked it and wrote “India i.e. Bharat”. My appeal is now time has come to unanimously resolve to amend India as Bharat.

Keeping in mind about the restoration of old glory of Bharat we have started the Fifth Dham dedicated Shiv and Vishnu at Cambodia. This religious-cultural revolution started without hurting the sentiments of the native Buddhists of that country. This is a step forward in this regard.

The auspicious Bhoomi Pujan Samaroha of the Fifth Dham of Sanatanis was conducted at Siem Reap, Cambodia on the Bramho muhurat on 30th May, 2018 by Jeevanacharya Dr. Gurujee Kumaran Swamiji on the aegis of 1008 Names of Shiva Association and World Peace & Adhyatma Jyotish Trust alongwith Sj. Indresh Kumar ji and others. The Bhoomi pujan was conducted by chanting Vedic mantras by priests specially brought from Jagannath Dham, Puri in the presence of hundreds of devotees came from various countries including the Royal families, Heads of states, Ministers, Bureaucrats, politicians, spiritual leaders and local Cambodians. The Champion of the cause, Dr. Gurujee Kumaran Swami was the Master of the ceremony. He distributed the Bharat Gaurav International Peace and Tranquillity Award to various dignitaries from all over the globe in the presence of the galaxy of international personalities.

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