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Guruji Kumaran Swami, a beacon of light.

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Guruji Kumaran Swami, a beacon of light,

With behavior so pure, shining ever bright.

Like a rainbow of colors, he spreads love and grace,

Guiding us on the path, with a gentle embrace.


In his words and actions, kindness prevails,

A gentle demeanor, that never fails.

Like the color blue, calm and serene,

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His behavior reflects a soul so clean.


With humility and compassion, he leads the way,

Like the color green, nurturing each day.

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He teaches us patience, like the color yellow,

In every interaction, a gentle fellow.


Guruji’s behavior, like the color red,

Passionate and fiery, with wisdom widespread.

He inspires us to be bold and true,

To embrace life’s challenges, and breakthrough.


Like the colors of the rainbow, vibrant and bright,

Guruji Kumaran Swami, a guiding light.

His behavior reflects the beauty within,

A true spiritual master, our hearts he does win.

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