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Somu Veerraju, Who took over the president of Andhrapradesh state BJP, should initially think that he was in a hurry, soon after taking office, he met film actors Mega star Chiranjeevi, and next Janasena president PawanKalyan. He toured vigeriously in the state and held media conferences and went ahead with criticism of the government. Why this thread that went on till the Tirupati by poll slowed down a bit now? Janasena president PawanKalyan occassionaly stayed in the media after PawanKalyan affected by CARONA! No one understands the situation in whichMk the presidents of the two parties have been silenced now! may be the cause for their silence is there was a Still time for elections .                                                                                                                                According to some analysts, BJP state leaders were silent on the notion that BJP elders in Delhi were positive lying on Jaganmohan Reddy besides fulfilling some other than the promises made in chief minister YS Jagan’s election manifesto and going to Delhi to get an appointment of central elders. Only one Telugu Desam Party is playing an opposition role in the state on the performance of the government. They are trying to reassure the activists while maintaining their presence.                                                                                                                                                                           T.RamMohan Rao .                           special correspondent . Amravati.

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