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SRAM & MRAM GROUP and FlyBharati, a force in the aviation industry

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SRAM & MRAM GROUP and FlyBharati, a force in the aviation industry and a new force of aviation in the Indian market are now seeking their presence in the Indian domestic aviation market and also commerce its international expansion soon.

It’s possible by Blessings and big vision for India V.Chairman OF SRAM Group Dr.Gurujee Kumaran Swami


India is at an inflection point for both domestic and international aviation and could emerge as the top aviation market globally by the turn of the decade, surpassing the United States and China on most parameters.

India is currently the world’s third-largest civil aviation market and has big ambitions to expand air connectivity, which is still beyond the reach of a significant chunk of the population

FlyBharati and SRAM MRAM Group is the latest aviation vehicle to provide greater choice to the millions of Indian air travellers and provides expertise and investment into many aspects of aviation business from airlines to MRO and all the related businesses in between.

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FlyBharati has and will continue to acquire new aviation related businesses and also launch new aviation related services in the coming years. The details of the acquisitions and new services will be announced in the near future given the confidentiality of discussions.

SRAM & MRAM Group headquartered in the United Kingdom with branch offices in United Kingdom, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Bahrain, India & Bangladesh has been successful in backing high potential technology and infrastructure companies globally.

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SRAM&MRAM group through their funding arm SRAM MRAM Citrus kapital (UK) Ltd have agreed to raise bonds worth over USD 12 BN and list the same in the London Stock Exchange and many other exchanges across the globe with primary focus to fund large infrastructure projects, high end technology adoption products and solutions and have earmarked USD 2 Bn exclusively for the aviation sector to expand its business both in India and to aid its expansion globally. Both FlyBharati and SRAM&MRAM is excited of the added possibilities the expertise and funding will give in FlyBharati’s push for growth.

FlyBharati will work with our esteemed stakeholders in the government and especially the travelling public to fill the gaps in the market especially for the many millions of Indian travellers that will be taking into the skies for the first time in the coming years.

FlyBharati will also seek greater win-win partnerships with the private sector especially aspiring start-ups that has interesting offerings to enhance the passenger, cargo and MRO experience. FlyBharti will be announcing formal hackathons and start informal discussions with potential start-ups with aviation specific technologies and adjacent areas of interest.

FlyBharati will also fill the talent gap in the aviation sector with training schools supporting its own business and that of its competitors to give a needed boost to the aviation market. FlyBharati expects many veterans and new qualified joiners joining its rank to provide guidance and to its trainees.

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