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Yamini Swami has acted amazingly by showing it as a celebration of the daughters of the country:Oddisa Governor Professor Ganeshi Lal

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Governor Honorable Professor Ganeshi Lal has seen trailor of the film Badhaai Ho Beti Hui Hui
and said in
Film Badhaai Ho Beti Hui Hui Hai
Yamini Swami has acted amazingly by showing it as a celebration of the daughters of the country.. and more
The script of the film was described as a clebrate birth of girl child in different way feel fresh air which will play a new role in the society and provide a new direction to the daughters.

Although the governments of the center and the state are shedding crores of rupees like water by running the campaigns of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, but now these schemes of the government are being implemented by Yamini Swami.
With wings.
By making a film called Badhaai Ho Beti Hui Hai,

those people of the society have been made aware. Who understands the difference between a son and a daughter. In today’s era, the work of explaining that a daughter is no less than a son was done through this film.
Governor Honorable Professor Ganeshi Lal while praising Yamini Swamy, where will it bring awareness among the people?

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* Let us tell you that Badhaai Ho Beti Hui Hai …. is the title of this unprecedented film made on women empowerment. And there is also a strong woman producing this film, De Yamini Swami who has done writing, direction and filming herself. In the script of this film, shocking dialogues have been written to empower womenA film that will bring a change in the society, I believe, this kind of script and dialogue has not been seen in the world till now.


The daughters of the same country are feeling very proud of this great work of Yamini Swami. The said film will bring awareness among the people who understand and differentiate between sons and daughters in the society and daughters will get equal respect for which they have done their daughter’s excellent work. Best wishes to you. Also pray to God to give positive films like this to all the daughters of the country so that the message of peace and love goes to the people and there should be no discrimination and the message of national unity which has been given in this film should reach the people, this is the wish. . Whatever we serve the society through films, people adopt the same type of life, good thoughts change the society…..*

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